Sunday, 29 May 2011

Karen Armstrong

I've just cracked the cover on Karen Armstrong's 'A History of God', and already I know I'll have trouble putting it down. I was inspired to read it by this video by someone calling himself Evid3nc3, who was in turn inspired to make it by reading the book.

The video quite literally captured my attention. An archaeological review of monotheism? No dogma, not based on the Bible, or the Torah, or the Qu'ran, but based on verifiable evidence culled from the historical record?

Oh, yes please.

The video gives a fantastic overview of the likely paths that were taken from the polytheistic Babylonian faiths into Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, with no Abraham, Moses or Jesus required. It's fascinating. I have no doubt the book will delve much deeper into the topic. I've seen people say things like 'If there was no Jesus, no Resurrection, etc, then how did Christianity come to exist?'.

This book, I'm hoping, will answer that question in great detail.

As I read it I'm going to keep track of the thoughts it inspires; I've had one already. And, quite naturally, I'm going to blog about them, and when I'm done I'll write up an overall review. Can I get a Huzzah for learning?

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