Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Chuckle worthy

So I was browsing over at Creation Science Evangelism - there's some truly incredible stuff over there, which is liable to either make you laugh or cry, depending on how you react to willful ignorance - when I stumbled across a little gem that made me snort a laugh.

Underneath their View Articles heading you can see, unsurprisingly, a list of articles that he's written. He's even got them organized, into Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner:

That's handy!

Interesting. My assumption here is that they're organized by scientific content, or at least by what passes for scientific content in the minds of creationists. So, given that I have a pretty good handle on science, and am able to understand most of what I read, I click on 'Advanced', to see what he has to offer:

This one captions itself.
I would argue that he lacks even 'Beginner' level science; go read some of those articles and you'll see what I mean. I just liked that when it came to 'Advanced', at least he knew where he stood.


  1. That's handy... maybe I should categorize my blogs from "Post-Grad" to "Religions Moron"...

  2. I live just down the road from the Creation Store as begun by Kent Hovind,(though I believe he is in jail and his son continues the "mission")... I am planning a trip. I can't wait to document it. I need to learn methods of spontaneous laughter control first, however.

  3. @ K. Syrah: I would suggest categorizing your posts from 'Post-grad' up to 'Verifiable evidence for religion'. Naturally, under the latter, it would read 'You're looking for something that doesn't exist'.

    @Blonde Nonbeliever: I look forward to your documentation. Be sure to ask how much 'Advanced' science they have to show you!