Friday, 6 May 2011

Grady Warren

Oh boy, where to begin.

For those of you who haven't heard of him, Grady Warren runs It's a site that, unsurprisingly, is about the Conservative philosophy, and killing things. As far as the hunting and fishing goes, I have no inherent problem with that, though I do think he's a little too obsessed with his firearms.

As far as his view of how life ought to be lived, however, I see a lot that I can disagree with. He's got a number of videos on YouTube that are worth watching, as long as you can handle incredibly blatant homophobia, racism, -extremely- militant anti-Muslim sentiments, and threats against your physical person if you should dare interfere with him or his followers in any way.

When perusing these videos, something to keep in mind is that I encountered only one of the three videos listed here on sites that called him out for the bigot he is. Two out of these three videos were linked to by people who agree with him, and are lauding him for saying what everyone's thinking. This guy needs to be stopped.

The first inkling I got of his existence was in a video titled A Time for TEAHAD. He begins by calling out the Congressional Black Caucus, as well as several notable black figures, as 'criminals', and refers to them as 'nigra race pimps', as though saying 'nigra' instead of 'nigger' somehow makes him less of a racist. He seems to believe that, he really does, as in the exact same breath he goes on to say "On behalf of the Tea Party, we are sick and tired of being called racist."

All of this is within the first thirty seconds of the video.

He claims that his mission, the sole mission of the Tea Party, is to educate conservative voters on the best Conservative candidates to vote for. That's it.

Really, I could go on and on, but I'd just wind up just quoting his incredibly racist diatribes. Suffice to say that he blames all his country's woes on 'the blacks' and 'the illegals', the You can view the video if you want to see them in whole. I recommend doing just that, if you can stomach it; awareness of this guy needs to be raised, so that he can be -stopped-.

One of my favourite parts is when he describes how Sarah Palin is the fantasy wife to millions of men. I'll admit, I personally find her pretty attractive, if we're going by physical appearance alone, but the second she opens her mouth and begins displaying the utter lack of substance between her ears, my lust drops to zero. That's quite a feat for me; I've got rather a lot of lust to go around.

In the end of the video, amazingly, he admits to being racist.

At this point in the writing of the post, my four-year-old niece has arrived, and so in the interest of not poisoning her developing mind, I'm putting a hiatus on watching these videos until she leaves.

The second video is titled Grady Warren on Illegal Immigration. Oddly, in this one, he seems to hold the 'blacks' as his allies against the invasion of 'chicatos'. I don't know if I've spelled that correctly, as it's the only time I've ever heard it, but he's quite obviously referring to Mexicans. I don't think he really knows how to differentiate between a Mexican-American, living legally in his country, and illegal aliens. Though I have little in the way of a stance on illegal aliens in the States, I find his proposal that they need to be 'encouraged to leave certain areas' and 'rounded up' abhorrent, particularly when he actually compares this policy to that of the Nazis against the Jews. The only word for this is evil.

Oddly, in the middle of this ostensibly anti-Mexican rant, he goes on a sidebar against homosexual House Representative Barney Frank, stating that his behaviour has 'cause his lips to turn inward, caused a speech impediment, throat damage, and some would say even brain damage'. This is, obviously, due to the differences between men and women in terms of lips, throats, and damage to the mind from giving blowjobs. Because I doubt he has any difficulty with the concept of women providing oral pleasure to men. It's an utterly ridiculous claim, and has nothing whatsoever to do with his hatred for those who speak Spanish.

The next part is perhaps my favourite from this particular video. He's made a series of t-shirt, all heavy on the American flag, elephants, and heavy-grade firearms. One of them, in keeping with his distrust of other languages, has nothing but a flag across the front, with the slogan 'We No Speekee Spanish' across the bottom.

Ahem. But I digress.

Several other shirts proclaim the wearer's love of guns, and allude to the fact that s/he may be armed at that particular moment. From that, we get this gem:

"If you see people wearing shirts that say 'Peaceful but Prepared' [showing an elephant wearing a military vest, covered in guns], or, 'We No Speekee Spanish, do not put your fingers in their face, do not put your fingers in their chest, do not provoke them, and please, do not touch them. They are all legally carrying weapons."

Implying, of course, that doing any of the above activities will get you shot. He's obscene.

The final video in the series is kind of the spur that led me to write this piece; it's titled GRADYforPresident, which is a truly frightening thought. Though I doubt it would ever come to it - he's a little too insane for even the GOP to officially support - the fact that people out there listen to and like him for his insane viewpoint causes me some concern.

Besides his bizarre accusations against Obama, this video is primarily focused on a searing hatred for Muslims.

A horrifying list of his promises when he becomes President:
  • Dissolve the IRS
  • Eliminate ALL corporate taxes
  • Reduce all small business taxes
  • Hire thousands of subcontractors [with what money?] to search out fraud in Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Housing, Welfare, and Food Stamps
  • Black Americans will be taught how to become Americans
  • Eliminate the National Education Association
  • Open Re-Education centres for 14-25 year old blacks [who have dropped out of school and are a drain on local crime departments and welfare resources] to learn how to become American men and women. The other races shall follow.
  • A cash program for black and legal Hispanic families to move to sanctuary cities [?!]
  • Complete the Southern border wall in six months, [construction] to be protected by the national guard with orders to shoot on sight for attempted border crossings
  • Set up tent cities to hold criminals and illegal aliens awaiting deportation
  • End the war on drugs; begin the war on Muslims in America
  • Call for the searching of all Mosques for WMDs and caches of small arms
  • Immediate deportation of all Muslims in America
  • Stop military actions and all aid to Muslim countries
  • Reserve the right to use nuclear arms as needed [Holy crap.]
  • Reinstate DADT
  • Fight for 'traditional' marriage
  • Divorce the UN and NATO
  • End all foreign aid 'until America can first feed it's own citizens'
  • Close the EPA and promote fossil fuels and nuclear power
  • Work with all faiths, other than Muslims, to restore God's presence in America
  • Fight the ACLU and 'other Atheist bastions of fear and Christian hate' at every turn

Quite the list. And that's just the worst of it, there's more.

He's a bigot of the highest degree. It seems like there's no possible way to classify people where he can't hate at least one of the groups. He appears, at least based on his missives to the public, to be composed entirely of hate. Note that none of his proposals are in any way constructive; he says nothing about education, the economy, health care, or any other topic that needs attention. Every. Single. Point. is about something he hates and wants to marginalize. I can't imagine living in the kind of chemical stew that his body must produce with that kind of attitude. I can't imagine living a life where I have to decide, every time I wake up, what I'm going to hate that day. That way lies madness.

I feel rather unpleasant for having watched those videos the number of times I had to in order to transcribe what I did. So I'm going to go give my girlfriend a hug and tell her I love her, and then spend the night not hating things.

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