Friday, 22 April 2011

Oh, Ray.

I seem to be developing an unhealthy interest in Ray Comfort. A couple of years ago I bought a book put out by his Church, an anniversary edition of Origin of Species with a special introduction by Ray, debunking evolution, including claims about cosmology and astronomy. I needed to have such a hilarious book for my library, though the five dollars I sent him made me wince. I had, however, forgotten that that book and the guy whose blog I've been laughing at were the same person. He makes similar points in his post today, regarding how evolution fails to explain the rotation of the Earth and so on.


As of today, however, I'm trying an experiment. Ray typically receives hundreds of comments per post, with the vast majority of these attempting to point out to Ray the errors in his logic, errors that even a child should be able to recognize. Naturally, he ignores these utterly.

Now, whether he knows and understands that the questions he's posing are answered in fifth-grade science textbooks, I don't know. I am, however, relatively certain that he's seen all our reasoning before and chosen to ignore it. Why, then, should we continue to point out his errors, day after day, ad nauseam? It's not going to get through by dint of repetition, any more than his constant refrains of his 'proofs' of the bible are going to get through to us.

So I'm going to try to use his blog to meet people. I'm going to try to derail his threads with common, everyday conversation. I'm going to ask other posters how their day went, what the weather's like there, what their favourite foods are. Some part of me wonders, if we atheists are showing up to his blog every day and ignoring what he says, doing our own thing, how he's going to feel about that. I hope the answer is 'stupid'.

The ultimate, in my eyes, would be if some people who started chatting on the site decided to meet up and have some illicit, out-of-marriage, utterly mind-blowing sex. Imagine the taunting we could send his way if his blog was a meeting place for - dare I say it - fornication?

I don't think it'd blow his mind. But maybe it'd make him wince. Good enough for me.

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