Friday, 29 April 2011


I've been trying for maybe a half hour now to write this post, and it's proving difficult. So here's PZ Myers on the subject.

It's... I can't come up with words. Hating the good works done by Planned Parenthood - their dedication to public health, sexual safety, and the propagation of KNOWLEDGE - is bizarre enough to me. But to take that and create lies this repugnant? And you people claim to be the subjects of a loving and caring God?

It's utterly ridiculous. I'm capable of understanding the arguments these people have against abortion, however much I disagree with them. But the part that I can't understand is the willingness to do anything - ANYTHING, up to and including slander, libel, fear-mongering, destruction of property and MURDER OF DOCTORS - in order to get one's way.

Do they really think that the ends justify the means? Is that what's going on? Do they feel that in spreading lies like these - lies that will result in the spread disease, unwanted pregnancies, ignorance of the functioning of one's own body and how to deal with it - they're somehow doing some kind of higher work? That in doing terrible harm, they're following God's will?

I cannot wrap my mind around this concept. It's utterly alien. It goes against every moral principle that I hold dear.

It's evil.

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